“Hindi tayo malulugmok sa ideyang, tayo ay magiging isang magaling na programmer lamang, meron tayong build management, bumabasa ng malaking picture, magparticipate sa kabuuan, hindi ka makakasama sa layuning ito kung hindi mo alam and partisipasyon mo.” – Meric Mara, CEO, 8layer Technologies Inc.


8layer Technologies an agile company that focuses on a working software over comprehensive documentation, costumer collaboration over contract negotiation and responding to change over following plan. A company that develops the core values of competency, maturity and innovation. But what is more important to 8layer is to develop ones abilities,create a version 2.0 of themselves and have something to share in the community. But what is the company’s secret towards this approach?

Practice Operations – an 8-1-1 Project of 8layer. 8 is pure dedication to work and the 4 out of 8 part of this is the Risk Migration and Quality Assurance. We Bridge-We Plan-We Build-We Drive. The question is, which one of these is will be or is your participation in the company? We Bridge, it is the marketing sales a collaboration with the other company. It is marketing and accepting a project that is for the community. 8Layer already collaborated many big projects with big companies like IBM, Oracle, PLDT and government and multimedia companies. We Plan, a Pre-Engagement activities. 8Layer team is composed of highly competitive individuals which value a the costumer proposition. Projects are carefully planned by the 8layer team in knowledge sharing. We build, the engagement cycle. The team value in sense of urgency, on getting done and getting done now. Technically proficient team, focuses and manages the work with the best output and in due time. We Drive, post engagement activities. Your performance maybe up or not, just like project delivery. We drive means the delivering of quality products and making sure that it has a significance to the community.


It is either you bridge, you plan, you build or you drive you must develop a discipline towards this approach. 8Layer Technologies team focuses on time management. There’s this 7 to 7 rule, 12 hours working, 12 hours making yourself productive. This is the Productivity Quadrant, knowing what is important, what is urgent and what are the thing to avoid to. A discipline that was shared by the CEO, Meric Mara in the knowledge sharing.


Urgent-important and not urgent-important means managing and focusing on activities and this is the productive approach. While the last 2 approach urgent- not important and not urgent-not important is the approach one must avoid because it is either it is self deception or a waste of time and effort.

What are the activities that may fall in the quadrants? Determine which quadrant do you belong.

  • Quadrant of Necessity are crisis that maybe a medical emergencies in your family, team mates, love ones. This maybe a pressing problem that is urgent. Deadline driven projects and last minute preparation. Scheduled activities such as meeting and delivery of projects falls in this quadrant.
  • Quadrant of Personal Leadership, quadrant wherein one knows how to focus. A preparation and planning quadrant. This value clarification and exercises relationship building it is either in work or family matters.
  • Quadrant of Deception, one of the 2 quadrant one must avoid. Deception of oneself that you are productive is a waste. This are some mails or reports, some meeting, many pressing matters and many popular activities.
  • Quadrant of Waste, to the person that is practicing this, suggestion is to change. One is not productive and this is a sure waste of time and effort. Development of self discipline is needed. Common is the use of internet in unproductive mails and sites. Busy works with useless outputs and products. Time wasters and escape productive activities that may increase potential talent and incoming knowledge.




So wherever quadrant you may fall, it is either you become better or change your approach on time management and discipline. 8Layer focuses in this kind of discipline and the team is driven to fall in the 1st two quadrant. One that manages, and one that value clarification and focus.It is either you bridge, plan, build and drive for 8layer.

It is important to know that you focus and manage your time and possess self discipline. If you do so, then you are a certified 8lien! Congratulations! And to the incoming, Welcome! 🙂

-by 192,168.*.174, 8lien Intern.