About Floating Raspberry

Life is not just merely existing in the world but it’s living with a purpose, life is designed to be abundant. This is a world made for sharing and a world made to move others and I want to create an impact, to be an inspiration.

At the age of 16, I am already an independent woman. I started to live in an environment that is exactly opposite of the community I used to live. I met different teachers that molded me as a person. I invest into learning. I discovered that it is not enough to be school smart, you must be street smart as well. What are my advocacy? Be a Community Leader. I am an Open Source advocate, I want to spread the infinite FOSSibilities of Free Open Source Software.I am Pro Innovation, I am a developer of new products that soon to be sold in the market that maybe software, hardware and mobile technologies. I am Financial Literacy Advocate and I want teach people to target financial freedom as their dream job and teach them how to invest! I am God’s servant, I believe that everything that we do, we do it for his glory!

I am who I am. Let’s Float and be Sweet. I love the solitude from within. 🙂

-This is my first inspirational talk for Women Empowerment